Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lunchables and a menu

This is what we eat for lunch round here just about every day (or some variation of it). Lunchables, homemade style. Multigrain crackers, sliced deli meat, cheese, a veggie and a fruit. We all love it- if you ask my boy his favorite food he will say "peas open and crackers closed", because he likes me to open his snap peas and eat just the insides and he makes bite size sandwiches out of his crackers, turkey and cheese. This particular day, after the photo was snapped, he made a towering sandwich which included one piece of everything on his plate, including the orange. He stuffed the whole thing in his mouth and had us laughing for a good 5 minutes.

Here's whats for dinner at our house this week:

Sun- Mexican feast of tostadas with all the fixins, enchiladas, spanish rice, and cheesecake

Mon- leftover pulled pork, rice, zucchs and carrots

T- Corn chowder and whole wheat rolls

W- green chile burros, pineapple, salad, hot cocoa ice cream

Th- leftovers

F- tin foil dinners

Sat- St. Francis sounds good to me...
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Kelli said...

Am I invited to St. Francis?

Candice said...

Don't be silly, Willy.