Thursday, January 13, 2011

Food for Thought

I doubt I am alone in my quest to eat healthier this new year. I have so much room for improvement in this area. I want the shift to be a lasting one, not a fad or specific diet. I have done a bit of searching and have come up with some great resources to help me (and you, if you want) to do better.

I have enjoyed browsing Ellie Kreiger's recipes. A few that I am going to try soon are the whole wheat pancakes with strawberry sauce, the buffalo chicken salad, and the chicken and mushroom quesadillas.

I am loving the new blog Word of Wisdom Living. Lots of great info.

Martha is sure to inspire with 50 light and healthy main dishes.

I've not tried any of the recipes on the Mayo Clinic website, but it's worth a look. I think I'll start with the Pan-Braised Onions with Rosemary. NOT. I said I was going to eat healthier, I didn't say I lost my mind!

Happy and Healthy New Year, every one!


A Busy Nest said...

I really enjoyed your post as I am feeling the same way. I am interested in checking out the Word of Wisdom Living blog as well.

MegRich said...

Thanks for the tips! Can't wait for you to try these recipes so you can let us know if they're any good ;)

Heather said...

Husband's whole-wheat pancakes are a traditional weekend treat. If you're nice, I'm sure he'll clue you in. It's a tight circle of trust as you are aware. :)

Welcome back. Just in time for my second trimester when food is appetizing again. Bon appetite!