Friday, September 11, 2009

Eating Out

My husband has had the opportunity to be a part-investor in a new Phoenix restaurant that opened last week-
St. Francis. It's been in the works for a while so it was fun to go get the grand tour and try out the food. Aaron Chamberlin is the owner/chef and he is awesome! He has had several highly acclaimed restaurants in New York, San Fransisco, and was part of the opening team that started LeGrande Orange, Chelsea's Kitchen, and Radio Milano here in the valley. The restaurant itself was an old brick building that they renovated and they did an outstanding job. The architecture is amazing and there are lots of really cool details. St. Francis is a must-try.!

Important Notes:

*the rustic wood-burning oven
*the glass garage door downstairs that opens up to an outdoor courtyard
*kids under 6 eat free
*the custom bathroom sinks
*the chalkboard
*the crispy fingerling potatoes with lemon aioli
*romaine hearts and spring vegetables with buttermilk cheddar dressing
*the pepper crusted flat-iron steak
*the sticky toffee pudding with sweet cream gelato

Go here for the full menu. I'm sure we'll see you there, we're going tonight for the third time this week.

1 comment:

muth said...

I will vouch for this restaurant!
It is yummy and unique and you'll love it!!!