Monday, September 14, 2009

Restaurant Week

Arizonans, it's that time again! Chris and I are at a loss as to which restaurant to try. Roy's, Flemings, Ocean Prime, Cowboy Ciao, and The Green House are all on our to-try list. The website has all the info you'll need. Hooray!
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MeL said...

Okay, so since I'm not super smart or classy or anything, let me double check with you. So ANY RESTAURANT on the list is the price of $58 per couple? I'm hoping so, because that sounds amazing. We just may be able to eat not Filiberto's for the first time in our marriage!

Candice said...

You got it. Ruth's Chris? $29 a person. Restaurants generally offer a three course menu: a starter, main and dessert. The choices can be made from the special minimized (but still great) menu for this particular event. Love it.

Blake said...

I already mentioned it to Chris, but I would skip Fleming's and try one of the other places. If you've been to Ruth's Chris, my opinion is that Fleming's will be a little disappointing -- not that it's bad, but Ruth's Chris is better.