Monday, October 5, 2009

Menu, 10-4-09

Hold the Onions Readers, please pray for Maren this week. She is getting all 4 wisdom teeth pulled today and will be on a steady diet of liquified food for the next few days. Her last meal is going to be a big fat In-n-Out cheeseburger before the big event. Best of luck Mare!

Here's whats for dinner round here this week...

Sun- Paula Deen's pot roast, mom's homemade rolls (she did good, Kelli!), layered green salad, balsamic roasted potatoes and carrots, and Laurel's layered chocolate pudding dessert- must post recipe for that soon, it is THE BEST.

M- broccoli cheese soup, rolls, green salad w/ walnuts and pears

T- leftovers

W- spinach ravioli with marinara sauce and steamed squash

Th- maybe stirfry again- it was so good last week!

F- pepperoni pizza

S- going out, or taking out
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The Barr Family said...

Good luck Maren!!!

MeL said...

Maren, it is the best sleep you'll ever get, so live it up! Is Dr. Snell or Dr. Smith doing them? You'll do fantastically!

Candice said...

Dr. Smith took them out- and boy was Chris glad he did... they were gnarly. The roots were twisted and turned every which way. :) I told Maren it's the only time in her life she'll ever look fat (even if only in the face).