Monday, November 10, 2008

Menus and recommendations

First, this week's menu:

Monday- Chicken parmesan over pasta (recipe to come)
Tues- corn chowder in bread bowls (recipe to come)
Wed- Orange chicken and rice
Thurs- Williams-Sonoma chicken pot pie (recipe to come)
Fri- leftovers
Saturday- out

A couple recommendations: Whatever you do, do NOT purchase a bag of Fresh and Easy salt and black pepper potato chips, unless you want to eat the ENTIRE bag in one sitting, and crave them forever more. They are the best chips I've had in all my life. Super crunchy, the right balance of salt and pepper, and a little sweet, too. Perfection.

On the flip side (and I am very sorry for what I am about to do), I have been very disappointed with the Martha Stewart line at Costco. So far I have tried the tomato soup (chunky, oniony, and all around yucky), and last night we tried her apple raspberry slab pie. Not good. Crust wasn't flaky, fruit wasn't flavorful... nothing to write home about. As one of Martha's biggest fans, I feel like a traitor saying these things about my dear friend. But I was genuinely disappointed and thought the information was worth passing along. I would be interested if anyone has different thoughts or has tried anything else from the line.
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