Thursday, August 13, 2009

Italian Cream Sodas

Maren, Emma and I attended a baby shower for friend Sarah on Tuesday night. Sarah's mother, Shawna, is an outstanding cook and hostess. The food table was piled high with homemade salsa and chips, spinach dip, black-bottom cheesecake cupcakes, the most delicious pink frosted sugar cookies, sweet chex mix with coconut (not sure the official name of that one), and fruit and veggies with an assortment of dips. Everything there was so very good. But my favorite treat of the night was the Italian Cream Soda table. I am not usually one to order drinks at a restaurant, I'd rather eat than drink my calories. But these were so special and DELICIOUS, I happily went back for seconds. Emma requested the watermelon/passion fruit combo, which is a popular combination. I had the pina colada, and it was perfection. The bar tender :) told us that their syrups were purchased locally at Smart and Final. I also found them online here. Everything else can be purchased at the grocery store. I cannot wait to serve these at a get-together in the near future.

Italian Cream Sodas

assortment of flavored syrups
small ice cubes (I'm thinking Sonic)
club Soda
whipped cream

Put 1 C ice in a glass. Pour in 3 T flavored syrup, and 3 T half n half. Pour in 1 C club soda, and top with sweetened whipped cream. Serve with a straw, and stir well before drinking.

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lara said...

Can't wait to try it!

Carmen said...

I can't wait to try... I have seen the syrup at World Market...they do look good...