Monday, August 31, 2009

Sweet Tooth

Whenever it's my turn to make a sunday dinner sweet, I hardly even know where to begin narrowing down my list of to-try desserts, let alone pick just one.

Here's a few on the top of my desserts to-try list (look for them in the upcoming weeks):

apple hand pies
cream cheese cookies
lemon yogurt cake
lemon cheesecake
lemon tart (I know)
fresh orange cookies
sweet nachos
ricotta donuts
banana split pie
sweet strawberry bread
flourless chocolate cake
cream puffs
carrot cake with orange cream cheese frosting
peach pie
hot fudge pudding cake
chocolate cupcakes with peaut butter icing name a very few.

1 comment:

kathee said...

those all sound heavenly!!

try them soon please, then post!!