Sunday, February 15, 2009

And the winner is....

Katiiiiiiiiiiie Wilkiiiiiiiins!!! Using random number generator, it was determined that commenter #25, Katie, takes the cake, er, gift card. It is so fun to have a giveaway because most of the readers of this blog are friends we know in real life. SO, Katie, we can either drop it off at your mom's, or you can email us your address. :) ( Congratulations!! We know the card is in good hands.

Thanks to everyone for playing and for your kind words about Hold the Onions. Giveaways are great fun, so this won't be the last.
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Summer said...

I think the random number generator was rigged! : )
Congrats, Katie. Enjoy the gift card. Great idea "Hold the Onion" ladies. Love your site!

The Wilkins' said...

No way! I'm SOOOO happy! :) What a great birthday present! So maybe I should take a cake too! JK (I was just coming to see if you had a good cake recipe to make for myself! haha!) Just drop it by my parents next time you're around. THANKS! :)