Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Derek, Maren, Kelli, J.D., Candice and Chris jumped at the chance to enjoy a Valentine's dinner at North. Our meal began in the early evening. It was a fun atmosphere, and we ate at the prettiest table- with a really beautiful linear chandelier above. Great company, rose petals, candles, a multi-nosed vase, a waiter that wished us multiple "Happy Valentimes Day"s, and a single rose gifted to each female at the end of the meal- all made for a memorable and enjoyable evening. Onto the food!

We each tried to order something a little different, then shared around. That is, until the main course, when all the guys got seafood (bleh).

Favorite starters? the mushroom, arugula and parmesan pizza and the bruschetta.
Favorite mains? the herb-crusted pork tenderloin, the chicken parmesan and the braised shortribs with marscapone polenta
Favorite sweets? the nutella/banana crepes and the sour cherry bread pudding.

We could have passed on the mozzarella/tomato/bread appetizer (chalk full of red onions- and also soggy), the calimari (just OK, not great), and of course the fish dishes.

All in all it was a really delicious meal and I would recommend it. But of all the Fox Restaurants tried so far, Olive and Ivy is still my fave. There are still, however, a couple I haven't been to and will have to before I can give a final report.
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