Monday, February 23, 2009

Menus, Feb 22, 2009

But first, a tip. Binder clips make great bag clips. Maybe this is news to none, but it was a great realization for me. I use them constantly, and I have a hunch that 24 binder clips are a more economical route than 24 patented Chip Clips.

This week's menu... with a couple repeats as I followed last week's pretty loosely. :)

Sun- Lemony chicken over mixed greens, carrots, asparagus, blueberry muffins, Jell-o and warm chocolate chip cookies by Chris

M- Chicken pot pie

T- Breakfast for dinner

W- Spinach proscuitto lasagna

Th- leftovers

F- Steak, potatoes, BLT salad (recipe a comin'), and a yet-to-be-determined dessert

Sat- dunno yet
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Annie said...

You're brilliant!!! Thanks for stating the obvious that is not to obvious and economical for some of us one braincellers. Seriously, why didn't I think of that? No more bag clips!!