Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cafe Atlantico

The wedding of a friend necessitated a trip for Chris and I- to Washington D.C.

Months in advance, I let Chris know that I wanted to try one really outstanding restaurant during our time there. I happened to be watching Martha one day, and she was showcasing a chef named Jose Andres, who has 7 highly acclaimed restaurants in the D.C. area. I looked him up and learned of Cafe Atlantico, and also the restaurant inside a restaurant, Minibar. Minibar is an exclusive dining experience, located within Cafe Atlantico, seating only 6 people a night. Reservations are taken one month in advance and the experience runs you about $120, for 20+ tasting courses.

A few things you might expect to try during the meal: cotton candied foie gras (duck liver), tumbleweed of beet, and dragon's breath popcorn (fused with liquid nitrogen causing smoke to come out your nose and mouth as you eat- so awesome!!). Chris and I (being the penny pinchers we are) opted for the Cafe Atlantico pre-theater fixed price menu ($30) and enjoyed salad, lobster bisque, braised shortribs, warm chocolate cake and passion fruit sorbet. Everything we had was delectable and we enjoyed the experience thoroughly. For me, the highlight was being seated in perfect view of Minibar and watching the food-art being served and enjoyed before our eyes... at one fourth the cost. :)

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