Sunday, April 5, 2009

They LOVED it.

The pickle Jell-O was a hit. :) I heard a few giggles and whispers from the girls but when any of them realized what it was, they didn't spoil it for the whole crowd. It was one of the dads that blurted out, halfway through the meal (in a most disgusted voice), "Is this PICKLE JELL-O!?!?". Great fun.

My menu for this week does not include pickles in any form.

Sun- Almond chicken, Parisian salad, roasted gold potatoes, whole wheat chocolate chip cookies AND chocolate chip cookie bars (I had two of each)
M- Grilled chicken, wild rice, and glazed carrots
T- Hawaiian pizza
W- BBQ chicken salad
Th- tostadas
F- family reunion (steak, potatoes, rolls and salads)
Sat- We shall see...
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