Monday, May 18, 2009

May 17 Menu

Last week, Dad made us all breakfast for dinner on Mother's Day. It was wonderful! He asked us repeatedly if he and his meal were going to make it on "the blog". Your wish is our command, Dad!

It seems I am always renewing my efforts in healthy cooking because- it's been a CRAZY busy week, or somebody was sick, or we were out of town, etc. I guess that's life, so this week is another one of those get-back-to-business veggie-loaded menus:

Sun- Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, corn on the cob, fruit salad, Maren's chocolate cake (Clay's b-day!)

M- Caprese sandwiches

Tues- lasagna primavera

W- chicken and veggie kabobs with pineapple ginger rice

Th- steak and potatoes

F- broccoli chicken calzones

Sat- who knows?
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Rachel Cunningham said...

That ginger rice recipe sounds so good. I think it's time I conquered my fear of fresh ginger. Wish me luck.