Monday, June 8, 2009

Menu June 7


(Above is another gem found on the same website as the party loaf...)

When I asked my family what they wanted to have for dinner this week, their responses were as follows:

Chris- "Broccoli chicken calzones"

Maya- "Cream of Wheat with grapes and cheese in it"

Adam- "pineapple"

I will go ahead with two out of the three.

Sun- California club pizza, fruit salad, strawberry crunch

Mon- couscous with steamed zucchini and carrots & cantaloupe

Tues- lemony chicken over mixed greens & pineapple

Wed- broccoli chicken calzones

Thurs- linguini with spring vegetables

Fri- almond chicken & sweet potato fries

Sat- somethin super yummy
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Maren said...

I want you to make the cream of wheat with cheese and grapes in it.