Thursday, October 9, 2008

Did you know?

Maren told me about using Fresh & Easy's 5 dollar off coupons more than one per transaction... and I wondered if she just got a nice checker or something. So I tried it this week. I had three coupons with me. As I was checking out I asked if I could use more than one at a time, and she said yes! She asked me how much I was spending, to which I answered $62. She said you can use a 5 dollar off coupon for every twenty you spend. My total was $47 after my three coupons. I've started stocking up on their 99 cent 2 gallon jugs of water and other food storage items each time I go. If Fresh & Easy ever approaches me about doing a commercial for them, I will accept.


SallieB said...

Hey Candice!
SallieB from the F&E team here. Thanks for the awesome review!

I dont know about any commercials coming up in the near future...but how about invitations to some events for bloggers? :)

Email me if you are interested!


Maren said...

I refuse to use that picture of all of us. Let's wait 'till Christmas and get a new one.