Thursday, October 23, 2008

Smart Chicken Salad

I think I got the idea for "yo-nnaise" from the back of a Mountain High yogurt carton. What is yo-nnaise, you ask? Mix half parts plain yogurt and half parts mayonnaise when making chicken salad, or anything else I guess. Half the calories, but just as yummy. I also use plain yogurt to "dilute" flavored yogurts to cut back on our sugar intake. The resulting yogurt, although paler in color, is still plenty sweet. Give it a shot!

For my chicken salad, I do:

1 can Costco shredded chicken
1 large spoonful of mayo
1 large spoonful of plain yogurt
3/4 C. of either halved red grapes, chopped apple, celery, or pineapple
3 shakes of salt
1 or two cranks of fresh ground pepper

Combine all. Serve on crackers, as a sandwich, or over a handful of spinach for a salad.
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