Sunday, October 12, 2008

Menu, week of Oct. 12

-twice-baked potatoes
-layered salad
-cooked carrots
-fruit salad
-apple dumplins to wash it all down

-curried chicken and rice

-15 bean soup

-Pizza salad (recipe to come)

-Tomato soup
-sourdough grilled cheese

-Chicken teriyaki
-fried rice
-mixed veggies

-Somewhere other than Drew's Diner


Heather said...

Sounds like an awesome menu. Isn't nice to plan everything out, makes me feel more in control. I like control. Great site Candace, I am also doing no sugar but until Thanksgiving. Happy cooking!

Maren said...

I guess I'll post my menu in the comments so we're not each doing an entire post on menus.

Mon: Chicken and dumplings
Tues: Pesto pasta
Wed: Broccoli cheese soup and cornbread
Thur: Parmesan chicken, carrots, and mashed potatoes
Fri: Eat out
Sat: Breakfast Quiche

muth said...

I have had one request, Candice. Can you put more of the recipes on the blog, or at least tell where you got them, such as Paula Dean, or wherever. Debbie's family are now fans of the food blog, and they want more recipes. :) You guys will be famous, yet! You're welcome. :)

muth said...

O.k. So I'm not real smart. I just realized that all the recipes are on the right under labels. I'll let them know. :) Forgive me. You have taken Sunday dinners to a new level. Thanks a bunch!!!