Monday, October 20, 2008

Menus, week of Oct. 19

Sun- spaghetti, caesar salad, biscuits, brownies and ice cream, and moldy german chocolate cake
Mon- Broccoli chicken calzones
Tues- Rum Tum Piddly (recipe to come)
Wed- Tostadas
Thurs- Chicken Parmesan (recipe to come) and Maren's zucchini sticks
Fri- Ned's crazy subs and spinach/artichoke dip (recipe to come)
Sat- ward Halloween party

Sun- same as above
Mon- Taco Salad
Tues- skillet chicken and rice
Wed- quesadillas
Thurs- pineapple chicken
Fri- Hinze's Halloween party
Sat- chili and cornbread at ward trunk or treat


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